Monday, 6 April 2015

We love: Bafefit

You can say this about Bafefit’s work: the black and white of his hand manage to contain all the colours with which it is possible to express the emotions». - Paris Match

This young talent, originally from Puglia, transplanted to Rome where he now lives and works. Bafefit’s works are characterised by his skilful use of the rapidograph: pen and ink which was initially created for technical drawing and which has been pushed to the extremes of its capabilities by artists. The portraits are of a world with a predominantly dark atmosphere and characters are caught between the thin line between life and death.

Bafefit is bestowed with an extraordinary inventive irony. He prefers to express his imagination working on late nineteenth century paper. The results are pictures capable of containing the narrative of real and living stories; placed in a particularly dark atmosphere congruous with the with the artist's vision. Skilled with ink, Bafefit is also known abroad, particularly in France, where he participated in the publication Métamorphose en bord de Ciel by Mathias Malziu, along with the artists Nicoletta Ceccoli, Ciou and Benjamin Lacombe.

Prior to his Paris exhibition, which opens its doors in May, over forty of Bafefit’s works will be exhibited in Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, in what is the first solo of “golden boy” of hyper-contemporary Italian art. This event promises to be exceptional and in addition to works on paper, a site-specific project will be presented. Quite the best way to approach the work of an original artist and visionary.

Bafefit was born in 1980.
His works have been published on 'DY' magazine (USA), "GRAB" and "Bang Art". His ink's works are often carried out on XIX century's paper bought at markets and antique shops.

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